Using traditional trades to make smart systems

The group is a specialist in smart buildings. Smart buildings integrate a balanced union of technical areas of expertise with high added value. The market is undergoing profound changes, mainly as a result of new technologies: (Led, Centrex, Fibre, end of RTC…) which totally transform our approach to real estate projects. There is a genuine opportunity to develop:

  • A fully-fledged player,
  • Of significant size,
  • Established locally with common cutting-edge skills,
  • Able to respond to the new needs of major clients,
  • 2015-2019 were years of development. 2020-2022 will be years of expansion.

Smart Buildings to :

  • Communicate
  • Check
  • Monitor
  • Operate
  • Save
  • Go green

At the end of 2014, Didier Rudowicz and Thierry Bensoussan decided to join forces to create a group specializing in Smart Buildings via a ”Build Up” … and so they founded Pixel451.

In 2020 Pixel451 has grown from 4 acquisitions and 2 creations. The company’s expertise is built on its network of companies that are experts and highly reputable in their field of activity. Today the 87 employees of the group work in 4 agencies (Paris, Brussels, Agen and Mandelieu).


Our company timeline :

  • 2015 acquisition of Selectel (1993),
  • 2015 acquisition of the MilleSixCents design office (2010),
  • 2015 creation of Selectel-Benelux based in Brussels,
  • 2016 creation of Lighting451,
  • 2017 acquisition of Setelma (1995),
  • 2019 acquisition of TS Technologie (1992),

*Build Up: Acquisition of companies in the same sector in order to offer service coverage on a national and European scale.

They trust in us